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Two beautiful Beech Staggerwings at a previous meeting

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Our Next Meeting - 09/04/21!

We had our August meeting this past Saturday.  About 6 airplanes showed up and 8 cars.  We had around 20 people in attendance and ate some tasty burgers along with Shannon's famous chocolate dessert!  Much was discussed and decided on about the Annual November Fly-In.  We have Norma's Food Truck coming to serve tacos and burgers and we will sell beverages insideWe are expecting a few hundred cars to show up so we will be asking for lots of help, not only with the cars but airplane parking as well.  It was decided to allow people to sell items if they bring a booth to do so and we will charge $20 a booth and $20 per car.  The young eagles program  from Ada will come and help with whatever we need help with. 
We will have new T-shirts for sale that feature airplanes as well as the car showMembers decided to have the September 4th meeting since we are limited on meetings leading up to the November Fly-In.  Please come and help us with whatever you can,  we will set up a date for a work day/ clean up day prior to the November Fly-In.

Thank you, Johnene

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